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The Shandong red light Alwayseal Technology Ltd is successfully concluded with Prime Minister Li Keqiang's European Economic and trade negotiation

November 27, 2017 Shandong Hongguang Alwayseal Technology Ltd as business representatives along with Premier Li Keqiang attended the seventh session held in Budapest Hungary Chinese - Central and Eastern European countries economic and trade forum opening ceremony, Shandong red rubber science and technology as business representatives attended the China - Central and Eastern European countries in small and medium-sized enterprises docking meeting, Premier Li Keqiang introduced China economic situation at the meeting, pointed out that Chinese the economy continued steady trend for the better, believe that the vision and ambition of the enterprises all over the world, will make full use of the "16+1" platform, hoping to take the Chinese development express, China development dividend share. Hungarian prime minister Orban said the 16 countries in Eastern Europe like the spirit of equality, the spirit of mutual respect, to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with China as a development opportunity, actively participate in the "The Belt and Road" initiative, to create a better environment for the Chinese enterprise investment, and promote exchanges and cooperation in Eastern European countries and China have long-term development. Then Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Orban to hold the "16+1" SME Cooperation matchmaking site, visit the docking results, and represents the intimate interaction with Shandong red rubber science and technology enterprises.





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