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Congratulations to Shandong Hongguang Alwayseal Technology Ltd in Weifang city was rated as the 2017 kind Lushang brand image of enterprises on the list

Recently, the Weifang Municipal Propaganda Department, Weifang TV station of hosting the 2017 Weifang city (provincial and county) three kind Lushang brand image list enterprise talent show on Weifang TV studio 800 square meters was held. Kind Lushang tree advocate action to build with Chinese characteristics, Qilu style, the characteristics of the new brand of Lushang, Shandong to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness, and the kind Lushang brand promotion, make Shandong the overall image of Chinese people and the world to accept. City leaders attach great importance to this tree kind Lushang action. Through the joint efforts of all departments and enterprises to participate in the city's total of 205 enterprises through the county and city level audit, organize enterprises to participate in the number of ranked first in the province, the city of Weifang was the kind Lushang image list of companies on the list selection of outstanding organization award. After several rounds of competitive selection of Shandong Red Rubber Technology Co. was named the provincial cities and counties three kind Lushang brand image list enterprise title. The company will continue adhering to the "loyalty to the East in our country, follow it, and abide by the law, with full respect for the industry standard, with the high specificity of the spirit of dedication, innovation, pragmatic only solid, constantly striving for perfection, forever sincere service" concept of the company continue to grow and develop, the benefit of the community, for the benefit of the country.





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